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  • NormFr — abbrev. Norman French * * * …   Universalium

  • waste — [wāst] vt. wasted, wasting [ME wasten < NormFr waster < L vastare, to lay waste, devastate (< vastus: see VAST): infl. by Gmc * wostjan > OHG wuosten] 1. to destroy; devastate; ruin 2. to wear away; consume gradually; use up 3. to… …   English World dictionary

  • gauge — [gāj] n. [ME < NormFr: see the GAUGE vt.] 1. a standard measure or scale of measurement 2. dimensions, capacity, thickness, etc. 3. any device for measuring something, as the thickness of wire, the dimensions of a machined part, the amount of… …   English World dictionary

  • reward — [ri wôrd′] n. [ME < NormFr, for OFr regarde] 1. something given in return for good or, sometimes, evil, or for service or merit 2. money offered, as for the capture of a criminal, the return of something lost, etc. 3. compensation; profit 4.… …   English World dictionary

  • car — car1 [kär] n. [ME & NormFr carre < L carrum, carrus, orig., two wheeled Celtic war chariot < Gaul carros (OIr carr) < IE * k̑ṛsos < base * k̑ers , to run > L currere, to run, cursus, COURSE] 1. any vehicle on wheels 2. Old Poet. a… …   English World dictionary

  • cark — [kärk] vt., vi. [ME carken < NormFr carkier, var. of OFr chargier: see CHARGE] Archaic to worry or be worried n. Archaic distress; anxiety …   English World dictionary

  • carry — [kar′ē] vt. carried, carrying [ME carien < Anglo Fr carier < NormFr carre, CAR1] 1. to hold or support while moving [to carry a package] 2. to take from one place to another; transport, as in a vehicle [to carry the mail] 3. to hold …   English World dictionary

  • casket — [kas′kit, käs′kit] n. [ME, prob. < NormFr cassette, dim. of casse, CASE2; k by analogy with CASK] 1. a small box or chest, as for valuables ☆ 2. a coffin, esp. a costly one vt. to put into a casket …   English World dictionary

  • cassette — [kə set′, kaset′] n. [Fr, dim. of NormFr casse, CASE2] 1. a case with roll film in it, for loading a camera quickly and easily 2. a similar case with magnetic tape, for use in a tape recorder, VCR, etc …   English World dictionary

  • caterpillar — [kat′ər pil΄ər; kat′əpil΄ər] n. [ME catirpel < NormFr catepilose (OFr chatepelose), lit., hairy cat < L catta, CAT1 + pilosus < pilus, hair: see PILE2] the wormlike larva of various insects, esp. of a butterfly or moth ☆ [C ] trademark… …   English World dictionary

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